2014-2018 University of Ulster, PhD in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom 
2006           Scriptforum, 30Minut Filmmaking course , Wajda Film School, Warszawa, Poland 
2001-2003 Warsaw Academy of Arts, Warszawa, Poland, Professional Certificate in Teaching
2002-2003 Universität der Künste, Berlin, Germany
2000-2005 Warsaw Academy of Arts, Warszawa, Poland, MA in Sculpture
1995-2000 Antoni Kenar Lyceum of Arts, Zakopane, Poland, BA with distinction  
Work experience:
2019 – Current Reviewer for Intersections Journal. Ulster Univesity, Belfast, United Kingdom
2018 – 2019 Academic lecturer at Ignatianum Academy, Cracow, Polska Lecturer in: Couple and Family Psychology Psychological issues in the artistic creativity - theory and practice Aesthetic phenomenon in the public space - experimental approach Teaching methodology and application Entrepreneurship - basics.
2018 – 2018 Academic Lecturer Ignatianum Academy, Cracow, Polska Lectures on Innovation in Science for Ignatianum Academy staff.
2017 – 2017 Art designer for CreativeHarder, Warsaw, Polska Creating artistic objects for media and events agency.
2016 – 2016 Researcher at Ulster Univesity, Belfast, United Kingdom Experiments with students and lecturing of students under the supervision of Ralf Sander and Brian Connolly
2014 – 2018 PhD researcher at Ulster Univerity, Belfast, United Kingdom Research on attitude toward aesthetical objects by adaptation of force field concept from the group dynamics theory.
2012 – 2013 Art Director at Metall-FX, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom Work on design, painting and sculpture.
2011 – 2012 Film director for Pro Bono Musicae, Bielsko-Biała, Polska Documentation and film edition for Pro Bono Musicae during the masterclasses for undergraduate students in classical music.
2011 – 2014 Fine Art Conservation and interior design for Sprago, Rajsko, Polska Restoration and conservation of stone portal from XVII century at castle in Rajsko (Neidburg) in 2011. The work continued in 2014 when interior design works were made.
2010 – 2011 Art Curator. Self Employed with cooperation of ZiKIT (ZDMK) Cracow, Polska Managing international contemporary art public project ArtSesja (ArtSession) with cooperation of ZiKIT (currently ZDMK) - Road Authority of the City of Krakow. More than ten international artists
were involved including cooperation with curators like NYC based Anita Glesta in public art projects in the area of the Cracow.
2009 – 2011 Art Teacher at Cabinet Secret, Cracow, Polska Sculpture, drawing and public art projects educator for the individual students.
2008 – 2009 Film director for TVP Kultura, Warsaw, Polska Working on the art-doc film titled 'My Manifesto' for TVP Kultura. Link to reel:
2008 – 2010 Film director for David Himmelberger Gallery, San Francisco, United States Working on a series of short documentaries for David Himmelberger Gallery focused on the artworks and art live of several artists in the cooperation with the gallery.
2007 – 2007 Academic Lecturer at NEWI School of Art & Design, University of Wales, Wrexham, United Kingdom Academic lecturing in visual arts and art history thanks to a partnership program between BWA Bielsko-Biała and NEWI School of Art & Design, University of Wales under supervision by EU Leonardo da Vinci program.
2007 – 2008 Fine Art Conservation for Andrzej (Andre) Pawlikowski, San Francisco, United States Work as a fine art conservation assistant for Andrzej Pawlikowski in his atelier in San Francisco on the artist in residence basis. Specialization: XVII-XX century paintings and contemporary sculpture conservation and renovation. 2006 – 2006 Art coach and assistant for Awangarda Foundation, Warsaw, Polska Work with schizophrenia and Down syndrome artists during the open-air art symposium as their assistant and art coach.
2006 – Current Film director. Self-employed, Cracow, Polska Ongoing work on the video art projects.
2003 – 2003 Art teacher in Zespół Szkół Plastycznych im. Antoniego Kenara, Zakopane, Polska Work as an art teacher for undergraduate students in sculpture and drawing during studies for art teacher position.
2003 – Current Visual Artist. Self-employed, worldwide, United Kingdom/Poland Working with mixed media materials and mediums, focused on public space and networking cultural attractors since 2003.
2002 – 2002 Fine Art Conservation for Manfred Lux Architect, Berlin, Deutschland Restoration and conservation of XIX century architectonical details and sculptures in interior design.
2001 – 2005 Art designer for Tomasz Zmorzyński CEO, Warsaw, Polska Management on interior and exterior design with simultaneous work on artistic objects.
Completed research projects:
2019 - ‘The witch, the victim and the promotion’ – Case study of the aesthetical object devoted to Włodyczkowa case from Czeladz with the use of ATAQ method 2019 - Quest (re)constructed: a new tool for analysing religious insights and its empirical verification. A pilot study
2018 - Monuments as an act of autoplagiarism. A case study of six examples from Lesser Poland (2017–2018) toward further strategies for public space.
2018 – Be afraid and Work – research and exhibition project for Gorlice Museum
2018 - Attitude Towards Public Sculpture as a Group Dynamic Process: Adaptation of the Kurt Lewin’s force field concept into art theory.
2017 - The Influence of Sculpture on Public Spaces where there is Higher Tendency for Conflict to Arise: Attitudes towards Artwork in Public Space

Ongoing research projects:
2019 - Supportive methods for conflict solutions with use of objects of the art. Application of mixedmethod ATAQ in group relations.
2019 - Project INDRA: Inclusion for Active elders and Disabled.
2019 – Red Wonderland: research on attitudes toward Marxism, Post-Marxism and Bakuninsm by application children fairytales in the VR.                                                               

2019 Speech: "Czy tylko ten, który nic nie robi, nie myli się?" aspekt inercji wokół festiwali sztuki współczesnej w Polsce; Eksploruj, Praktykuj, Festiwaluj Conference, Jagiellonian University 
2018 Lectures for Scholars ‘Innovation in the Academic Area’, Ignatianum, Kraków, Poland
2017 Speech: ‘Study on Public Sculptures in the Group Dynamics Model in the context of the reception of images and public reactions’, International conference: Que font les images dans l'espace public – What do images in public space do?, Université de Genève, Geneva, Switzerland
2017 Speech: ‘Public sculpture as reconciliation in the process of political conflict or came back to the Grand Narrative?’, Conference: Historia MasaPopkultura, Muzeum PRL, Nowa Huta, Poland
2017 Speech: ‘The Influence of Sculpture on Public Spaces with a Higher Tendency to Cause Conflicts: Attitudes towards Artwork in Public Spaces’; Seventh International Conference on The Constructed Environment, National Centre for Culture, Kraków, Poland
2016 Speech: ‘Study of the group dynamics towards sculpture’, PRL Museum, Nowa Huta, Poland
2016 Speech: ‘Object of art as religious symbol in the public space’; III International Conference of the Polish Society for the Psychology of the Religion and Spirituality, Kraków, Poland
2016 Speech: ‘Study on Public Sculptures in the Group Dynamics Model’, International conference: Neurocultures, Brain Imaging and Imaging the Mind, University of Bielsko-Biała, Bielsko-Biała, Poland
2016 II Speech: ‘Impact of public sculpture on the group dynamics model in the open spaces of the city‘, International Conference: Aesthetic Energy of the City. Ideas-Forms-Places, University of Lodz, Poland
2016 Speech: ‘The resonances between contemporary public sculptures and responders on the group dynamics level in the areas of social conflict.’; Northern Bridge Autumn Conference, Baltic, Newcastle, United Kingdom
2013 Speech ‘Notes on medals’, FIDEM, Cutlers Hall, London, United Kingdom 
2009 Speech: ‘Evolution of the Monuments in post-war Communist Poland’, Sculpture Network, Middelheim Museum, Antwerp, Belgium
2007 Speech: ‘On modern medals’ NEWI, School of Art& Design, University of Wales, Wrexham, UK
 “The Influence of Sculpture on Public Spaces where there is Higher Tendency for Conflict to Arise: Attitudes towards Artwork in Public Space”, in: Historyka. Studies in Methodology, (eds.) Krzysztof Zamorski, Maciej Salmon, Państwowa Akademia Nauk - Oddział w Krakowie, Uniwersytet Jagielloński (2018).  
Object of art as religious symbol in the public space, in “Religion, Spirituality and adaptation: postmodern approaches in the psychology of religion” (eds.) H. Grzymała-Moszczyńska, A. Anczyk, K. Skrzypińska and A. Krzysztof-Świderska, Sacrum, Katowice, (2018)  
Quest (re)constructed: a new tool for analysing religious insights and its empirical verification. A pilot study. – main authors: Adam Anczyk, Krzysztof Krzysztof, Jacek Prusak, Paweł Socha, Halina Grzymała-Moszczyńska, Agnieszka Chemperek w ostatecznej recenzji Mental Health, Religion & Culture
Be afraid and work/Bój się i pracuj, Dwór Karwacjanów, Gorlice, Poland (2018)
Krzysztof - a catalogue of works, Compall, Poland (2013)
Living Metals. The Art Book. (eds. Krzysztof Krzysztof, Brian Eatwell), Metall-FX, United Kingdom (2012)
‘The witch, the victim and the promotion’ – Case study of the aesthetical object devoted to    Włodyczkowa case from Czeladz with the use of ATAQ method (Chapter in the book – in review).
Individual Exhibitions:

2018 Bój się i Pracuj [Be Afraid and Work], Galeria Dwór Karwacjanów i Gładyszów, Gorlice, Poland

2017 Galeria Floriańska 22 – Kraków, Poland 

2016 ‘Vision’ Derry, Londonderry – Northern Ireland

2015 ‘Reason’ PRL Museum, Nowa Huta, Poland

2013 Notes on medals, FIDEM, Cutlers Hall, London, United Kingdom

2012 ORONSKO, Polish Sculpture Centre, Poland

2012 ARTSesja and Metall-FX project, Zakopane, Poland

2011 ARTSesja, Kraków, Poland

2010 Zarathustra, Kraków, Poland

2009 HOarT&VillaMarilor, Zyźo eto smiesznaja i głupaja Sztuka, Zakopane, Poland

2009 Art Kaiser Gallery, Salzburg, Austria

2009 In the forest of life transFORM and HoArt Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2007 Mina Dresden Gallery, San Francisco, United States

Group Exhibitions:
2019 DE-CONSTRUKT studio, Brooklyn NY, USA
2018 Nowa Awangarda, Szyb Wilson, Poland 2017
YourArtMansion Gallery, Warszawa, Poland
2016 Strug Sculpture Gallery, Zakopane, Poland
2014 “Somewhere in Michigan”, ArtPrize, Grand Rapids, United States
2014 Poem for Telemachus, Mosan Museum, Mosan, South Korea 2012 Kunst am Strand, Germany
2012 Metall FX Art, Gallery Different, London, United Kingdom
2011 ART Expo, Kraków, Poland 
2011 ARTBasel Miami, ANGAELICA, United States
2011 Sculpture Park Sonnewald, Germany
2010 FIDEM Exhibition, Suomi, Finland
2009 Klein Wien zu Gast in Wien, Vienna, Austria
2008 SEIXAL International Medal Exhibition, Seixal, Portugal
2008 ‚Laboratorium’ Galeria Miejska, Bielsko-Biała, Poland
2007 Apexart gallery – NYC, auction for Robin Hood Foundation, New York, United States
2007 City Gallery BWA, Bielsko-Biała, Poland
2007 LINCART Gallery, ‚Lucky Seven’, San Francisco, United States
2007 Exhibition and congress FIDEM in Colorado Springs, United States
2008 Krzysztofx2, Galeria -1, PKOL – Warszawa, Poland
2005 ArtBasel, Basel, Switzerland – Jan Krugier and CIE Gallery
2004 Gallery Aula Warszawa, Poland
2004 Muzeum Solidarności, Gdańsk, Poland
2004 Waschaus, Potsdam, Germany
2004 Cooper Gallery, Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom
2003 Hommage a la Lucas Cranach Wittenberg, Germany
Film Festivals:
2019 Polish Film Festival, Los Angeles, United States
2008 Mumbai International Film Festival, India
2008 Washougal International Film Festival, Washington, United States
2007 Polish Film Festival, Los Angeles, United States
2007 Era Nowe Horyzonty, Wrocław, Poland
2007 FilmStock, Luton, United Kingdom
2006 Videoformes, Clermont-Ferrand, France
2006 Festiwal Filmów Fabularnych [Polish Film Festival], Gdynia, Poland
2005 Festiwal filmowy Clermont-Ferrand, France
Sculpture Symposiums:
2019 International Sculpture Symposium Wirken und Lassen - Homage to Eckhart, Behringen, Germany
2014 International Sculpture Symposium Mosan, Mosan Museum, South Korea
2014 International Sculpture Symposium Puszcza Zielonka, Ramus Artis, Poland
2004 BodyMemory International Sculpture Project, Warsaw-Podstam-Dundee
2002 Sculpture Symposium Pinczów, Poland
1999 Sculpture Symposium, Haldnesleben, Germany
1998 Sculpture Symposium, Haldensleben, Germany
Public art projects:
2016 Vision, Derry, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
2015 Reason, Nowa Huta, Poland
2014 Poem for Telemachus, Mosan Sculpture Museum, South Korea
2014 ArtPrize, Grand Rapids, United States 
2011 Supercluster, Nowa Huta, Poland 
2010 Zarathustra, Kraków, Poland 
2006 Labirynt, Ustka, Poland 2
004 Hortus Conclusus, Muzeum Solidarności, Gdańsk, Poland  
Courses (most siginifcant):
2019 Twinning and ERA Chairs training, Instytut Podstawowych Problemów Techniki PAN Cracow Training in preparation of project applications in ongoing Twinning and ERA Chairs competitions.
2016 Fundamentals of NVivo – online, Ulster University, Belfast Application of the Nvivo programming in qualitative research.
2016 Plagiarism: The Dreaded "P" Word, Ulster University, Belfast Avoiding plagiarism in scientific research.
2015 Ethics I: good Research Practice Ulster University (Epigeum online), Belfast Ethics in academic research.
2015 Fundamentals of Questionnaire Design, Ulster University, Belfast Construction of the questionnaire and its use both in qualitative and quantitative research. 2015 Introduction to SPSS, Ulster University, Belfast Application of the SPSS programming in quantitative research.
2015 Writing a Critical Literature Review, Ulster University, Belfast Research on text-based sources.
2006 Film directing, Szkoła Andrzeja Wajdy, Warsaw Realization of the 30 minutes etude No Illusion under supervision of film director Jacek Bromski. Link to reel:
2006 Scriptwriting, Szkoła Andrzeja Wajdy, Warsaw Training during ScripFORUM in film scriptwriting for feature films. 2002 Raku ceramics, Fine Arts Academy, Warsaw Ceramics and Raku technology in artistic use.
2019 Twinning and ERA Chairs, Instytut Podstawowych Problemów Techniki PAN Training in preparation of project applications in ongoing Twinning and ERA Chairs competitions.
2005 PADI diver, Pro-Dive-Center Eden Roc Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Open Water Diver.
2003 Academic lecturer and teacher, Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw Compulsory training in art history, art theory and fine arts teaching including communication, methodology and science management.
Other achievements:
2017 Research Graduate School of the Faculty of Art, Design and Built Environment University of Ulster Award Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
2017 Emerging Scholar Award for the Seventh International Conference on The Constructed Environment, Kraków, Poland
2014 DEL Scholarship, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
2014 Mosan Museum of Sculpture, South Korea - residence
2008 KinoPolska Debiuty [CinemaPoland Debutes] – II Place
2007 Młoda Polska Programme Grant
2004 Pomnik Lecha Wałesy, Gdańsk, Poland – II place
2003 VideoFormes, Clermont-Ferrant, France - nomination
2003 Hommage a la Lucas Cranach Wittenberg, Germany - nomination
2002 -2003 Erasmus, UdK Berlin, Germany 
2006 Program 30!Minut for the best etiude
2001 – 2005 MKiDN Scholarship 2005 30Minutes Grand Prix, Warszawa, Poland

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